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When it comes to travel, experience and recreation, the city of Düsseldorf on the Rhine is a highlight in all areas of experience. Here art and culture are combined with leisure and recreation. With almost 180 nations that have settled here, the city experiences its colourful diversity and attracts numerous visitors to the metropolis every year. Dynamic and hospitable, visitors experience a colourful, varied and unforgettable time.

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For a weekend trip, a short trip, but also for a small holiday, Duesseldorf is the ideal destination to combine romance, culture and relaxation. The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia lies in the central part of the Lower Rhine lowlands at the mouth of the small river Düssel. Sublime in contrast, the location on the Rhine with the skyline, which optically merges the cityscape with the associated landscape. Due to its central location in the Rhine-Ruhr area, the city was able to maintain its function as the capital of the federal state. Besides the many districts, the city can also look back on an interesting history, which gives it today’s charm through its perpetual development. As one of the most cosmopolitan cities, people from around 180 nations enjoy their city. Not new, but always new discovered, the Rhine city turns out to be a real visitor magnet for families, travel groups, couples, but also solo travellers. There is something for everyone and a trip to the NRW capital rounds off every excursion. For a successful stay and again and again beautiful memories, 10 cornerstones, which Düsseldorf has to offer in its range and should belong on every tour list of this city, help.


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10 must-haves for the Rhine metropolis

Each trip or small trip is planned by the participants in different ways. At least the most important and also most important points of contact should combine leisure and recreation in order to experience everything that the place has to offer. Just like the city of Düsseldorf. The rule of thumb here: 10 must-haves, which will convince each visitor of the beauty and the offer around the experience and the recovery of the Rhine city.

Tip 1

Arriving in Duesseldorf, a visit to the old town is a nice start after the perhaps long journey. Here, tradition and modernity are combined and, in addition to a wide range of shopping opportunities, they also offer moments of relaxation to experience the history of the Rhine metropolis.
Another possibility in terms of city stroll and only once arrive, is the shopping mile Königsallee, also affectionately called by the locals Kö. Besides the possibility to enjoy a charming shopping stroll here, this avenue also has another, special character. Restored houses, decorated railings, but also fountains and bridges extend here as a sight of interest par excellence. Accessories such as lanterns, bollards, telephone booths and even small kiosks line up patiently and tastefully, almost like in a fairytale land. Here it can be endured and recovered from everyday stress.

Duesseldorf Kö

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Tip 2

There are many more and unconditional highlights on the agenda for the coming days. For example, the skyline. Along the Rhine harbour, building complexes tower upwards in which a wide variety of companies from the fields of media, fashion, communication, architecture, art and culture have leased in. In contrast to this, old quay walls, staircases and tracks nestle into the mix of modernity and the past. The city gate is a very important part and signpost of the skyline. An impressive steel structure as an impressive eye-catcher next to other sights, such as the Kniebrücke, the Rhine Tower and the State Parliament. A leisurely tour impressively demonstrates the ingenious balancing act between high-tech and tradition.

Duesseldorf Media Harbour

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Tip 3

After the varied impressions, the city also takes care of the physical well-being of its guests. A sea of gastronomic diversity invites visitors to a wide variety of restaurants with a wide variety of traditional but also rustic cuisines. The culinary variety serves every palate and conveys openness and joie de vivre. Great variety in the steak restaurant, burger restaurant, a Chinese restaurant but also the German cuisine as a down-to-earth contrast, offers every single guest to taste and enjoy. Cosmopolitan, national and international, the most diverse restaurants with French, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Spanish, Oriental, but also vegetarian and vegan offers rank among the possibilities of a first-class physical supply. The numerous cafés and bars, which invite you to a cosy coffee break or to round off the day, are additional delicacies for the small appetite in between or for the resumee in the evening.

Tip 4

For families in particular, a visit to Düsseldorf guarantees the kids a full programme to let off steam, in addition to the beautiful places worth seeing in the Rhine metropolis. Adventure playground, petting zoo, outdoor pool or even puppet theatre provide the balance to the visits with the parents. The approximately 450 open playgrounds with 21 forest playgrounds are not only great for the little ones, but also for parents to relax and plan their further visit to the beautiful city. The day is rounded off here by a visit to one of the 3 theme parks, such as Niederheid, Ulenbergstrasse or Heerdt.

Tip 5

Duesseldorf offers art lovers and art connoisseurs plenty of variety in its galleries and museums. The broad facet of fine art here ranges from the Kunstpalast to the Glasmuseum and the Kunstarchiv Kaiserswerth, all of which belong to the Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast and promise guests diversity and wonder. Visitors to the NRW Forum will experience contemporary photography, which also focuses on art, architecture, design, the creative industries and pop culture. KIT, the art in tunnels, is also exciting and something completely different. Below the promenade along the banks of the Rhine, an extraordinary art venue opens up on 888 square metres, which is attached to the Kunsthalle and provides an occasional stopover in the pavilion café. In the Medienhafen directly extends current art, the so-called Kai 10-Arthena-Fondation. Three to four times a year, different projects of different media and forms of production come together here to keep visitors up to date on current art events.

Duesseldorf museum

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Tip 6

In order to sort all impressions afterwards, Duesseldorf offers a courtyard garden in the middle of its heart. With the desire for huge flower fields, monuments and water features, guests in the Nordpark are in good hands. The recreational value is unique here and is also highly appreciated by the residents. On the other hand, the Südpark with its avenues, paths, petting zoo and playgrounds is an oasis of well-being for the whole family. As the largest park in the city, it is divided into three parts, “Volksgarten”, “Vor dem Deich” and “In den Garten” and offers a relaxation area of 70 hectares. But also historical gardens and a Japanese garden offer not only variety in the enjoyment of nature, but also something special for every guest. But these green oases are not only available for relaxation and enjoyment. Playgrounds, walks and nature trails make nature lovers blossom. Even dog owners were considered here and over 30 dog places for the so desired run of the four-legged friends were created. For these possibilities alone, signs clearly indicate that the best friend of man is allowed to say: Cast off.

Tip 7

An excerpt of the museums has already been mentioned. Nevertheless, this tip to visit the city museum is still very important and exciting. The oldest museum in this city preserves history here and impressively shows visitors collections of inland navigation and a memorial site. The permanent exhibition at Berger Allee offers everything from the course of time. From paintings and graphics to furniture and weapons, precious metals and finds on the ground. In the so-called temporary exhibition the visitor finds the events of contemporary art and the recent history of Düsseldorf. The exciting shipping museum has displayed its collections in the old castle tower and informs interested parties about all aspects of shipping history. Guests can go far back in time to the history of Düsseldorf in the city archive. Whether pictures, photos, films or sound recordings, as well as digital documents, there are historical moments from the beginning until modern times, which led to today’s cityscape.

Tip 8

After all the impressive impressions there are now some other sounds to be heard. Music, film and theatre lead the visitors into a realm of fantasy and pleasure. Ballet, opera and theater offer all kinds of variety in the events in addition to the fascinating performances. Cinemas and concert halls offer the versatile contrast between classical and modern.

Duesseldorf concert hall

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Tip 9

Düsseldorf also has a lot to offer cultural guests in terms of literature. In Bolkerstrasse stands the birthplace of Heinrich Heine. He was born in 1797 in the back house with the number 53. Today, this birthplace houses the Heine House bookshop, a café and a reading club.

Tip 10

With all these different and varied excursion possibilities through the wide range of areas of life, Düsseldorf also impresses with the possibilities that disabled people can enjoy the city, the culture and the leisure activities to the full extent. Every year, guidance systems, accompanying persons and guided tours delight wheelchair users, the blind and hearing impaired.


Always worth a visit, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia with its extensive programme of culture, leisure and relaxation offers all guests a wide range of possibilities. Art and culture in the most diverse forms, leisure and recreation in the most natural and varied measure as well as pure entertainment and catering. Always worth a trip, families, travel groups, couples or single travellers get their money’s worth.

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