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The city trip enjoys great popularity and German cities in particular are often very worthwhile destinations. If you want to spend a few days in a great German city, you should go to Leipzig, where you can spend some entertaining days. However, a city trip in Leipzig is a challenge for the planning of this trip, because this city can have so many great highlights that the most important point of travel planning must always be a sufficient travel time. For this purpose, the traveller should heed the following 10 tips and put together a holiday programme so that the city becomes a real holiday pleasure.


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1st Leipzig shopping fun – the Mädlerpassage and the Speckshof

If you are on a city trip, you should always carry an extra suitcase with you, because the shopping possibilities in Leipzig are simply too tempting. The shopping malls in the city are especially inviting for a nice shopping trip and also to stay, because here the architecture fan can get great inspiration and take some nice photos. If the wonderful copper ceilings and glass paintings shine in the bacon courtyard, the shopping fan can look forward to a shopping spree in the Mädlerpassage, which can spread a metropolitan flair.

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2. Experiencing the past – the Nikolai church is simply a must-see

If you know the past of the city of Leipzig, then a sight is simply obligatory, because here the latest history and the upswing into a new time began. The Church of St. Nicholas is a proud building and should be part of the sightseeing program of a city trip. And those who tune in on Saturdays at 2 p. m. in front of the main portal of this church can take part in a very interesting guided tour, which can bring the participants closer to the most important hours of a city like this one.

3. The Coffe Baum – enjoy a coffee rich in tradition

Of course, the Leipzig city trip should also be a real pleasure. This can start right away with a good cup of coffee, whereby the Saxon will talk about a cup of Heeßen. The Coffe Baum is one of the oldest coffee houses in the world and conveys the special charm of old Leipzig times, which has a special fascination for many a holidaymaker. If the weather is fine, coffee can also be drunk outside, but also in the restaurant. On four floors the traveller can find pleasure and culture here and all this is crowned by beautiful events, which can even be linked to oriental coffee customs.

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4th The Cafe Kandler – tea drinkers can also indulge themselves here

If you prefer to drink a good cup of tea on your city trip to Leipzig, the Cafe Kandler opens its doors to you. Here you can order more than 90 tea specialities and the guest can enjoy a variety of sweet taste experiences. The highlight of a shopping or sightseeing tour through this fabulous city and a pleasure for the whole family. Whether Leipzig larks, bachtaler or the many tasty cakes, here calories are forbidden and just the fun of eating and drinking is announced.

5th Leipzig Museums – the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum der bildenden Künste is housed in an impressive new building directly on Sachsenplatz in Leipzig. A must for the culture fan on city trips, because art history is brought to life here. Whether it’s contemporary art or the many old masters, anyone who wanders through the exhibition rooms of this museum will enjoy a large number of exhibits. Thus 55,000 drawings can be seen and in addition there are 3000 paintings. Names such as Rubens, Cranach or Max Klinger can be mentioned here, who have created works of art that are still admired by the viewer.

6th A great Leipzig family highlight – the Leipzig Zoo

Visit Pongoland for the first time, whoever visits the Leipzig Zoo can spend an entertaining and instructive time with the whole family. Now you can get to know the savannah of Africa and of course you can watch the different animals of this region. But Asia and its wildlife is also represented here in the many theme worlds and those who watch the elephants scuba-diving through the underwater disk will be delighted because the Leipzig Zoo is a fantastic experience on an entertaining city trip. Apes, tigers or lip bears, a beautiful variety is the order of the day, so that several hundred animal species can be seen in the zoo.

7th Leipzig scene – visit the beach club in summer

Once again no time for a long bathing holiday, then the Leipzig scene with its great beach clubs is the perfect illusion that you feel like on the beach. If you take off your shoes now, you will run over sand and you will find exotic beach beauties in tight outfits again and again. There is also an exotic drink and you can relax with Salsa, Samba and Latin House. Sun City Beach at Lindenauer Hafen harbour invites you to relax and chill out in the middle of the city with a great beach feeling. Now you should secure a deck chair and spend a good time on the city’s beach with great music from different directions.

8. Discover your own sportiness during Leipzig city trips

Strolling through Leipzig, the stroller will again and again come across green slabs for sporty recreational fun. The Leipziger outet himself as an enthusiastic table tennis player and travellers are always welcome to a match. Even the Club Conne Island in Kobirger Str. has become a meeting place for sports enthusiasts and after a great match you can still enjoy the club’s amenities and retreat with the Leipzig sports fans to exchange experiences. Therefore, you should always carry the sporty accessories for an entertaining table tennis match with you in your suitcase, because in many places of the city other sports enthusiasts are waiting, who want to prove themselves in an exciting match.

9th Leipzig Nights – entertainment in cabaret is the order of the day

If the evening hours come, then the city traveller will not go to the hotel and end the day, because there are many highlights waiting for enterprising holiday-makers like cinema, theatre or opera. If you want to experience something special, go to the cabaret and there are several excellent offers in Leipzig that you shouldn’t miss. The Saxon humour in the Leipziger Pfeffermühle is a poisonous pleasure, and the ambience in Leipzig’s oldest cabaret can inspire. If you want to get to know the Leipzig Woody Allen, then you have to make a detour into the Leipzig funzel and the cabaret theatre “Gentle Rage” in the famous Mädlerpassage can also offer the best black humour in Saxonian manner. If one would like to hear cabaret attacks on politics, the Academixer should become a place of entertainment.

Monument to the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig

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10. In search of the monumental – the Leipzig Panometer

The search for something very special on a city trip to this city ends when you have found the Leipzig Panometer. Since 2003, this round building has repeatedly been the site of astonishing exhibitions, combined with a fascinating 360-degree panoramic view, which can truly be described as monumental. Whether the Titanic, the Everest or Amazonia, there were already several exhibitions which have inspired all visitors. A pleasure for the eyes and a view of extraordinary places and things you have never seen before. Once you have visited the Panometer in Leipzig, this will always be remembered as the highlight of all sightseeing tours.

The travel trend to beautiful city trips enjoys great popularity, whereby a city like Leipzig is constantly contributing to the fact that this travel trend will find more and more followers through really interesting cities.

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