10 tips for Munich

Munich – a versatile city

Munich is a city with such varied, interesting possibilities that it is difficult to create a Top 10. The old, memorable buildings invite you to marvel and offer a variety of photo opportunities. Various museums offer cultural enrichments and provide variety not only on rainy days. Football fans in Munich will get their money’s worth, as will friends of the cultivated palate.
Despite the abundance of possibilities, we have compiled a list of activities that you should definitely have undertaken in Munich.

1 The Bavarian State Opera

Munich is home to the Bavarian State Opera, which offers a special experience not only to opera lovers. At different prices you can get tickets for the different performances on a high level and spend an evening full of culture and art. The performances range from operas for children to ballet, orchestras, theatres and solo artists. The performances of the artists are always outstanding and will offer even experienced opera fans a fantastic performance.
But the building itself is also beautiful, from the exterior façade to the foyer and the actual concert hall. This makes every visit a very special experience and you can experience every performance in an incomparable ambience. In the small bars in the opera house itself you can also get delicious canapés directly on the spot if you don’t want to end the evening somewhere else.

2nd Peterskirche

A visit to the Peterskirche is a must when visiting Munich. The church may seem a little inconspicuous from the outside, compared to the buildings that kill it, but inside the building is beautiful and with its 800 years of history absolutely worth seeing. Peterskirche is famous for its impressive high altar, but the entire design of the church invites you to stay and is also an interesting option for photographers. St. Peter’s Church also houses the richly decorated remains of St. Munditia, which can be seen there in a glass coffin.

Church Saint Peter

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3rd Marienplatz

After a visit to St. Peter’s Church, you can visit the heart of Munich, Marienplatz. Architecturally interesting old buildings surround it from all sides and there is much to see and marvel at. An important sight, which lies directly at Marienplatz, is the New Town Hall. This is not only a visual delight, but also offers several times a day the famous glockenspiel, for which all people gather together at Marienplatz. Here, in addition to another must-see, one also experiences a multicultural diversity that one must have seen.
Of course, Marienplatz is very popular with tourists, which you should be prepared for. For photographic projects with the old buildings it is therefore recommended to avoid the weekend.
After visiting the sights, you can also have a delicious beer right at Marienplatz, which of course is a must in Munich. Perfectly located in the heart of the city, you can start your shopping tour right here.

Town Hall in Munich

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4th Ratchet cellar

Although Munich offers a variety of excellent restaurants with a wide variety of international cuisines, a visit to a typical Bavarian location should definitely be on the agenda. The Ratskeller is located directly at Marienplatz, so that you can combine a visit here with other must-see. As the name suggests, the inn is located underground. Nevertheless, it is extremely cosy and typically Bavarian furnished. The quality of the food and service is highly praised. The prices are absolutely reasonable and a visit there is definitely worthwhile.

5th Zoo Hellabrunn

For families with children or ambitious photographers, an excursion to the Hellabrunn Zoo is worthwhile, especially during the summer months. Here efforts are made to keep the exotic animals as species-appropriate as possible. This means that they can be admired in a habitat that is as natural as possible. Hellabrunn was also the first zoo in the world to show the animals sorted by their continent of origin, which is still the case today. Especially for children who need a break from all the cultural treasures of Munich, the zoo offers a successful change in the style of a small world tour. The Hellabrunn Zoo regularly welcomes young animals and is known, among other things, for breeding polar bears. An excursion is definitely worthwhile.
Tip: If you visit the park during the week and in less inviting weather, you can get around the crowds and look at the animals in peace.

6th Olympic Park

Although Munich’s Olympic Games are quite a while back, the more fashionable architecture of the Olympic Stadium offers a fashionable change to the magnificent buildings of the city centre. The building is well worth seeing, but the surrounding park also offers a good opportunity to relax and unwind from all the sightseeing. Here you can take a walk in the countryside. If the weather is bad, but you still want to see the famous stadium, you can combine your visit to the Olympic Park with a visit to Sea Life, where the children get their money’s worth.
In any case, a visit to the television tower is also worthwhile. In good weather you have an incredible view, not only over Munich, but further to the snow-covered peaks of the mountains. The tower also houses the famous restaurant 181, where you can enjoy delicious, upscale food while enjoying this wonderful view.
So the Olympic Park is a great destination, no matter what demands you have on a successful day of travel.

Olympic Parc Munich

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7th BMW World and BMW Museum

You don’t have to be a car connoisseur to be able to enjoy a visit to the BMW Museum, but of course this is exactly what will make your heart beat faster. The building itself, like so many in Munich, is already particularly attractively designed and worth a second look from a photographic point of view. Inside you will then find various exhibits about the good German car brand BMW. From very old cars to very new ones – there is much to marvel at here. At BMW-Welt, you can even try out some models that you might otherwise never get into in your life. Of course, you also get a lot of information about the individual models and processes. A factory tour is also possible and not only interesting for car fans. The tour of the building complex does not take much time, so that, depending on your personal interest, you are ready for other sightseeing destinations after about an hour. Admission to the BWM world is also free of charge.

8 Nymphenburg Castle

A little away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the visitor is offered an impressive sight. Schloss Nymphenburg welcomes you with an enormous outdoor area that alone would justify a visit. Here you can combine sightseeing with relaxation and dream of times long past, in which real princes and kings lived here. Swans cavort on the water in front of the castle, the park is adorned by old bridges – here the heart of all photographers, historians and architecture fans beats faster. The spacious facility is a highlight for everyone. Of course the castle can also be visited inside and become a view of the birth room of King Ludwig II.
The free parking spaces around the complex are practical, so that a visit remains affordable.

Nymphenburg Castle

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9th Allianz Arena and FC Bayern World of Experience

After seeing the typical sights and taking photographs for posterity, football fans – and especially fans of FC Bayern Munich – are recommended to visit the Allianz Arena. The FC Bayern Erlebniswelt offers an exhibition of the trophies won, interactive games and films as well as various exhibitions on professional sport so that it doesn’t get boring. Here every football fan gets his money’s worth and especially for foreign guests a visit to a German football stadium is definitely part of the programme.

10. Castle Neuschwanstein

About an hour and a half’s drive from Munich is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, a building built by Ludwig II. If you have several days in Munich, you should definitely take the short drive. It is not for nothing that some companies offer day trips from the city centre to the castle if you arrive without a car. The castle is also easy to reach by train. Neuschwanstein Castle has a great recognition value all over the world and is reminiscent of a castle as it appears in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Here you can relax in nature and admire the majestic view of the castle from the surrounding mountains. Parts of the castle can also be visited from the inside.
Especially if you come from far away or even from abroad, you should not miss this famous building. In the evening, richer in impressions and experiences, you can end the evening back in the city with a Paulaner in one of Munich’s many restaurants.
The selection of sights here shows what a diverse city is. Of course there is much more to discover, but with the selection made here you have a full, varied program where all family members and interests get their money’s worth.

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