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Nuremberg is world famous for its gingerbread. Bavaria’s second largest city has so much more to offer. After it was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, its inhabitants affectionately rebuilt it and made the city a recommendable tourist destination. Nuremberg enchants its guests with its pompous buildings and a beautiful old town. All these attractions can be explored during a city tour. Moreover, Nuremberg also has a few insider tips that you should not miss. It is therefore advisable to discover the city on your own initiative. If you take these 10 tips to heart, your trip will certainly be an eventful excursion.

Nuremberg churches

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Buildings worth seeing

A self-planned city tour has the advantage that you can take exactly the time you need. If some buildings do not arouse your interest, simply continue to grow. Don’t miss the medieval buildings such as the Nassau House or the Imperial Castle from the Romantic period. Or discover the Albrecht Dürer House, where the famous painter created his works. For those interested in history, the Heilig-Geist-Spital, where sick people were treated during the Nazi era, is recommended. The Reichspartei area also dates from this period. Courageous ones also take a look at the executioner’s jetty, the old residence of the executioner at that time. In addition, numerous beautiful bridges lead over the Pegnitz, which meanders through the city. Worth mentioning are the Kettensteg, which is the oldest freely floating suspension bridge in Germany, and the Museumbrücke, which connects the two districts of Nuremberg. Finish your sightseeing tour at the Marriage Carousel, Europe’s largest figure fountain.

Nuremberg’s churches

Nuremberg’s impressive churches also deserve a visit. Among the numerous churches, the Frauenkirche, the St. Lorenz Church and the St. Sebaldus Church are among the most important in the city. The former is famous for its men’s running-in and the huge balcony. In St. Lorenz you can listen to the music of the three-part organ, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Many works of art await you in St. Sebaldus, among which the remains of town saint Sebald are said to be among them. St. Elisabeth with its red marble and the huge dome, under which twelve statues of the apostles are guarded, the baroque church of St. Egidienkirche with its beautiful decorations or the church of St. Martha with its breathtaking stained glass windows. In St. Jakobskirche, on the other hand, you will encounter pilgrims on the Way of St. James. To complete your tour, you will also visit the Clara Church and the Carthusian Church.

Museums in Nuremberg

If you want to get to know not only the city itself, but also the history of Nuremberg, you are in good hands in the numerous museums. Thanks to a large selection of different themes, you will certainly find the right exhibition. For example, in the Tucherschloss and Hirsvogelsaal you can marvel at the everyday life of 16th-century merchant families. At the same time you can enjoy the royal atmosphere of the castle. If you would like to find out more about Nuremberg’s past, you are in the right place at the Stadtmuseum Fembo-Haus. There is also the Museum Industriekultutr, which deals with industrialisation, the School Museum with its astonishing facts and the Toy Museum, which will be a great pleasure for children in particular.

Culture and theatre

After spending the whole day on your feet and acquiring a lot of knowledge, you can relax in the evening. Visit one of the numerous cultural events in Nuremberg. The best known place to visit is the Staatstheater, where you can enjoy a wide range of programmes from opera, drama to ballet or concerts. Alternatively, however, many small improvisation talents also appear in smaller locations.

Nuremberg Events

There are also many concerts and events during the day. Motorsport fans will be there at Zeppelinfeld when the motorcycle elite meet for the famous Norisringrennen. However, Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt is even more famous. Every year in the Advent season, the Old Town of Nuremberg shines in a sea of lights and glittering balls to prepare its visitors for the upcoming Christmas. Here you will find the last presents for your loved ones, let yourself be pampered with culinary delights or enjoy the snow flurry on a ride with the stagecoach. The churches around the market square invite you to devotional concerts, while outside the joyful children’s laughter fills the air due to the exciting amusement rides.

Nuremberg Christmas Market

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On the way with children

However, this laughter can also be created in other seasons. Hardly any other German city is as connected with toys as Nuremberg. For example, a visit to the above-mentioned toy museum is worthwhile. When the weather is fine, outdoor activities are usually more fun. Here children can let off steam in outdoor swimming pools or climbing parks. The Nuremberg Zoo is a recommendable excursion destination for the whole family.

Shopping tips

What would a city trip be without an extensive shopping tour? Young visitors in particular explore Nuremberg first and foremost by strolling through the alleys and inspiringly viewing the shop windows of the boutiques. Nuremberg’s Old Town offers the best conditions for this. There, the focus is on three major shopping streets. In Kaiserstraße you will find luxury goods and expensive boutiques. The Karolinenstraße has the right offer for the somewhat smaller purse. Big department stores mix with small shops here. In the Breite Gassen you will mainly find well-known brands such as C&A, Galeria Kaufhof or Karstadt. The so-called scene quarter Gostenhof is located on the edge of the old town. It is especially known for a pleasant shopping spree. In addition, Nuremberg’s streets offer a fresh produce market every day. Autumn or Easter markets are also organised to coincide with the seasons. Especially lucrative is the Trempelmarkt, Germany’s largest and probably most beautiful flea market.

Nuremberg’s culinary specialities

As a shopping trip makes you hungry, you will have earned a tasty Nuremberg speciality afterwards. Especially in the Christmas season nobody can get around the pleasure of a Nuremberg gingerbread. If you are looking for something more hearty, choose the also world-famous Nürnberger Rostbratwürstchen. For this it is not even necessary to interrupt your city tour. As a “3 in the Weggla” you get the treat served by hand in bread roll. To top off the refreshment, you will then have a beer or perhaps a whiskey, because the city is also known for these drinks.

Nuremberg Rostbratwurst

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Nuremberg nightlife

Your city trip in Nuremberg doesn’t have to end at nightfall. Nuremberg’s nightlife has many facets. Whether you prefer to sip your cocktail in a cosy lounge in peace and quiet or if you want to make the dance floor unsafe right after enjoying it, there is the right club for everyone. Especially beautiful is the Admiral Skybar, which offers a wide view over the city. In the bar and club*77, on the other hand, celebrations continue into the morning hours. Or you can marvel at the high rooms in the BMF bar. This creates an extraordinary atmosphere. The Mata Hari Bar, on the other hand, is small and homely furnished. Visitors are even spoiled with live music.

A trip to the countryside

Although the city is also known as the Franconian metropolis, there are small green areas everywhere to relax. The Imperial Castle alone is home to countless species of small animals and plants. Enjoy the sunshine on beautiful days in one of the many gardens or parks in Nuremberg. For example, the Rosenpark is only a few minutes away from the old town centre and still lets you forget the hectic pace of the city traffic in no time at all. The city owes the Pegnitzauen, which occupy a large area of the landscape, to its river. Here you can practice outdoor sports to your heart’s content. However, the largest complex is the Marienpark. Among other things, he invites you to enjoy a Nuremberg grilled sausage at one of the barbecue areas. Meanwhile, children can enjoy themselves on the huge playground in the Archive Park, and water sports enthusiasts are in good hands at Volkspark Dutzendteich.

As you can see, an excursion to the beautiful and varied town in Franconia is very worthwhile. Follow the above tips and your city tour will be an unforgettable stay.

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