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The city of Heidelberg is popular with tourists. The picturesque location on the Neckar, the beautiful old town and above all the well-preserved castle, ensure high visitor numbers throughout the year. These classics should not be missing during a visit, of course, but the city has a lot more to offer.

Heidelberg castle

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Tip 1: Heidelberg Castle

Of course, the Heidelberg Castle is not an insider tip. After all, it is Heidelberg’s landmark and cannot be overlooked with its location on the mountain. Nevertheless, a visit is worthwhile. For more than 400 years, the Renaissance castle served as a residence for Electors and Counts and survived the two world wars with relatively little damage. If you want to visit it, you can either go up with your own car or take the mountain railway. If you are not afraid of sporting activities, you can even climb the castle on foot. It is not necessary to walk up the access road, but a stairway leads visitors to the castle. Especially the descent along this path is popular, as it offers a wonderful view over Heidelberg. Especially in summer, almost the entire Rhine plain can be seen. However, a large part of the castle can only be visited against admission. The entrance fee is six euros. However, the ride on the mountain railway is also included. Photos next to the so-called “big barrel”, which can hold 220,000 litres of wine, are particularly popular with foreign visitors.


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Tip 2: The Philosopher’s Path

If you are good on foot, love nature and want to escape the great tourist hustle and bustle, you should climb the so-called Philosopher’s Path. This is a hiking trail located opposite Heidelberg Castle. This gives a very good view of the castle. The route climbs Heiligenberg, on a distance of about two kilometres. For sporty persons this is not a special effort, however, one should absolutely pay attention to more comfortable footwear. It is therefore not a hiking trail in the classical sense, but rather a route for a leisurely walk with a little incline. At various sunny places you can linger and enjoy the view. The Philosophenweg is particularly popular with couples in love, as it is considered very romantic due to the winding path overgrown with flowers.

Tip 3: The King’s Chair

On Heidelberg’s local mountain, tourists will find not only the famous castle, but also the so-called Königsstuhl. This is the highest point that tourists can reach by mountain railway. Up here you can enjoy a cool drink and the view over the city. If the weather is clear, you can even see the mountains of the Palatinate. Taking the train to Königsstuhl is much more relaxed, as the ascent is sometimes quite steep. In addition, the Königsstuhl is particularly popular in summer and parking spaces are limited. If you want to visit the castle anyway, you will get a free ride by train to the castle. For a small surcharge, you can then drive to the “Molkenkur” station. The Königsstuhl can then be easily reached on foot. If you like, you can walk down to the castle along beautiful hiking trails. The fairy tale paradise and falconry on the Königsstuhl are particularly interesting for children.

Tip 4: The Old Bridge

The Alte Brücke allows pedestrians only to cross the Neckar. Built by Elector Karl Theodor, it is best known for its beauty. It gives them a good view of the castle. However, she also enjoys being photographed herself and is therefore regarded as Heidelberg’s second landmark.

the old bridge in Heidelberg

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Tip 5: The Old Town

Heidelberg’s old town is located at the foot of the local mountain. This is always worth a visit with its many different shops and restaurants. The old town is best known for its variety. Everybody will find something here. Besides extensive shopping tours and sightseeing, visits to bars or cafés are no problem here. In the old town there is also the Heiliggeistkirche. It has a tower almost 40 meters high, which can be climbed. From here you have a wonderful view over the old town. Those who visit Heidelberg in autumn will find the Heidelberg Autumn in the old town. This is the traditional city festival, which also has a medieval market. The Heidelberg Autumn is held every year on September 27 and 28.

Old town in Heidelberg

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Tip 6: Visiting the Monks

As already mentioned, the city on the Neckar is very popular with tourists. Especially on the weekends this can hardly be overlooked in the Allstadt. Those who long for some peace and quiet will find it in the Benedictine Abbey of Neuburg Abbey. It is led by monks and is located a little outside in the district Ziegelhausen. For the approach a car is recommended. The abbey has a farm shop, an inn and a brewery. The beer garden in particular is ideal for a cool drink in summer. Home-made food can be distorted in the restaurant. Especially recommended are the home-made apple juice or trout, which come from our own breeding.

Tip 7: The Neckar meadow

The Neckar meadow is particularly popular with students and families. Because here you can relax in summer. You can have a barbecue or a picnic directly on the river Neckar. Children’s playgrounds are available. Pedal boats also offer a lot of fun. The Neckar meadow is the perfect place to end the day. The castle can be seen particularly well from here. When this is illuminated at night, a romantic atmosphere quickly arises, which offers a picnic at dusk.

Tip 8: Market visits in Neuenheim

Those who really want to see something of Heidelberg and its inhabitants and are less interested in the well-known “tourist hotspots” should pay a visit to the weekly market in Neuenheim. Many of the products offered here are regional. Around the market there are many cafés to rest in. The old town is also not far away. Thus the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays offers the ideal opportunity to escape the tumult of the city centre for a short time.

Tip 9: The sugar shop for the real sweet tooth

The sugar shop has almost become a cult in Heidelberg. Here you will find original sweets as they have certainly never been seen before. Located in the “Plöck 52”, visitors are offered a lot. However, the business has also become famous for its unusual ambience. The dim light inside gives the shop an unusual and almost mysterious touch. The owner is now almost as well known as the store itself. This is known for the fact that he likes to roll the dice with his visitors for a small gift when paying. Many visitors confirm that this alone would make a visit worthwhile.

Tip 10: The Heidelberg Zoo

The Heidelberg Zoo is a real highlight, especially for children. It is located a little outside in the Neuenheimer Feld. It can still be easily reached by public transport. Adults pay between 8 and 10 euros, children under three years between 4 and 5 euros. Especially the feedings are popular with the visitors. The animal keeper consultation makes it possible to ask all kinds of questions about the inhabitants of the zoo. Several playgrounds and the petting zoo are also fun. The restaurant of the zoo is equipped with a glass facade. This allows a view of the playground, which allows parents to take a short break. In addition, importance is attached to regional and organic products, which are then processed into cold or hot food. The opening hours of the zoo depend on the season and can be viewed on the homepage.

Heidelberg thus has all kinds of things in store for its tourists and residents. Leisure time can be varied, because Heidelberg offers much more than just a lot of culture. After all, the people of Heidelberg are especially known for their convivial events or cosy meetings on the Neckar meadow. Whether senior citizens, families with children or students, everyone can have a good time here.

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