Ten travel tips for Goettingen

Ten travel tips for Goettingen

It is not for nothing that Göttingen is called the city that creates knowledge, because it is a student city with a lot of history. The Georg August University has a decisive influence on both the entire attitude to life and the cityscape of Göttingen. The old town alleys invite you to linger and shop, the atmosphere is unique. The lively pedestrian precinct gives a very special impression and should not be missing during the visit. The city is characterised above all by students, bookstores, student pubs and universities. The city has a total of 130,000 inhabitants, about one in five of whom study. The university was founded in 1737 by George II, King of Great Britain. At that time he was also Elector of Hanover. In this respect, Göttingen is the oldest university in Lower Saxony still teaching. More than 80 subjects are offered there for study. Who would have thought that more than 40 Nobel Prize winners have studied there? Incidentally, it is customary for newly graduated doctors to give a kiss to the sculpture at the market fountain, Liesel as a whole.

By comparison, Göttingen suffered relatively little damage after the Second World War. This also means that many refugees from the East came to the city at that time, which is why the number of inhabitants increased promptly. From the seventies Göttingen became a city. Approx. 450 performances per season take place in the Deutsches Theater. The international festival offers something especially for fans of classical music.

Geese Liesel from Goettingen

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1. The geese Liesel as landmark of Göttingen

The best known and most famous landmark of Göttingen is the so-called goose Liesel. A short visit is highly recommended, because this sight is a tradition. Many visitors kiss the statue, because there is a legend about it. There’s a story of a pretty girl recreated in the market square. A beautiful young woman had many admirers and the men of marriageable age all wanted a kiss from her. By the way, directly behind the statue is the old town hall of Göttingen. Anyone who likes medieval architecture will be thrilled. Directly behind the town hall is the St. Johanniskirche. Incidentally, this was shown on the former ten-mark note. Also for those who want to go shopping nearby, you will find just the right thing. The pedestrian zone with many shops is located directly near the geese Liesel. Among them are on the one hand small sweet shops, as well as large shopping chains. If you want to have a coffee or a drink in a pub or a bar, you have a huge choice. Particularly recommendable is the so-called Kaffee Gartenlaube, which is located diagonally behind the whole of Liesel.

2. The botanical garden

The botanical garden offers an oasis of peace in the middle of the city. This is enclosed between the pedestrian zone and the campus. The botanical garden is made up of small and large paths and a park, which offers several places to sit and relax. There are also some very interesting greenhouses, but not all of them are open during the winter months. The botanical garden is completely free, so that everyone can stroll through the garden. Many call the botanical garden also the Old Botanical Garden.

3rd Old Town Hall

The old town hall is the perfect starting point for a city tour. The historical building always offers different exhibitions. Special guided tours with seminars are also possible. Its historical architecture is unique, as is its long history. In the large council hall there are many interesting cultural events to discover. Nearby is a souvenir shop for small gifts. In former times there was its own conference room of the council of the city, also this should not be forgotten. Under each individual seat there is a floor opening for heating at that time. The hall can seat a total of 250 people.

Old town hall in Goettingen

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4th Wilhelm Busch Mill

If you like, you can take an interesting tour of Wilhelm Busch and his life and work in relation to this beautiful city. There is also a demonstration of mills. This destination is suitable for both adults and children. The mill is also worth a visit in case of rain. Who knows Max and Moritz, knows immediately that here the true origins lie. The tour takes about one and a half hours and is very interesting. It is interesting to see how the mill runs in water mode. The mill leaves a very special impression. Here everyone has the opportunity to read the stories of Wilhelm Busch again. If you are interested in the technology of an old mill, you must not miss this excursion.

5th Bismarck Tower

From this very special tower you have an excellent view over the whole of Göttingen. It is possible to go to the tower for only two euros. The forest path takes about 1 hour from the city centre. Many don’t even know that Bismarck studied here, today there is still a pedestal on top. This is often called the elephant toilet because it has a hole in the middle. A hike through the Hainberg is worthwhile anyway, so the excursion to the Bismarck Tower should not be missed.

6th The Monument of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg was a great thinker and the monument is worth seeing. This scientist had an incomparable sense of humor and unimagined abilities. There is another monument to him in the Pauline Church. The naturalist is depicted in life size by the bronze figure and is located directly in the centre of Göttingen. Who would have thought how small people still looked 220 years ago?

7th Saint Jacobi Church

It is worth climbing the tower, because it is a real adventure. There are many narrow long ladders and it is not that easy, because they have to be taken backwards on the way back. Both hands should be free for this. The reward is an excellent view over Göttingen. The worthwhile ascent to the churches costs two euros, who likes, can participate here with an interesting guidance. Those who are free of giddiness can dare to climb up, but false ambition is out of place here.The hustle and bustle of the city centre can be optimally discarded there, because this place is excellent for lingering. It is also the perfect place for concerts, for example around Christmas. The impressive Gothic church also has a beautiful winged altar. Inside there are optical illusions to admire like nowhere else. The modern artworks of the windows also convey a very special impression.

Sankt Jacobi church in Goettingen

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8th German Theatre

There are always interesting performances to admire for him at the Deutsche Theater. The old and beautiful theatre building offers a very varied programme. If you are looking for the German theatre, you will find it directly in the city centre of Göttingen. Numerous great operas are performed here, although the theatre is relatively small and suitable as good spoken theatre. There, plays are performed that were written exclusively for the Deutsches Theater, and the readings are also very interesting.

German theater in Goettingen

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9. Bathing paradise Eiswiese

If you are looking for fun and relaxation on the edge, you are in good hands here in the fun pool. There is a beautiful sauna area, as well as a sports pool, in summer there is an interesting outdoor pool area.

10th Pauline Church and the Tomb of Carl Friedrich Gauss

The Pauline Church has a beautiful old building and is now an exhibition building. It is a very impressive hall church in Göttingen. It can be visited in the context of exhibitions. Near the tomb of Carl Friedrich Gauss there is a beautiful park where you can take a nice walk. In between a small pond with ducks appears, which rounds off the landscape perfectly. The tombs are also very impressive.

It is undoubtedly worth booking one of the many high-quality city tours if you are planning a trip to Göttingen. This applies to conferences as well as to various class trips. Guided tours can take place either by bicycle, by bus or on foot. In this way the visitor learns more about the character and history of the city. In total, the city offers 40 certified and trained city guides for tourism. Thus everyone in Göttingen comes closer in a flexible and committed, or friendly and competent way. The public guided tours are offered in over ten different foreign languages.

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